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Born out of this frustration, I created Angry@Arthritis to cut through the bullshit. I’ve spent thousands of hours googling, read mountains of research papers, sent hundreds of emails, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to research, and flown all over the world building relationships in order to get a good picture of the state of the science. Our podcast provides you with access to the world’s leading arthritis experts PhD researchers and clinicians from all over the world and the current state of their innovative science, research, and drug/treatment development.

In addition to providing patients with better, more actionable information and hope we’re focused on raising the public profile of this terrible disease and on crowdsourcing funding to support new OA cures. There’s a gaping hole between the research and clinical solutions. Let’s raise money together to fund a fix for OA. I encourage you to donate.

Angry@Arthritis is a 501c3 not for profit focused on attacking osteoarthritis.

We hope Angy@Arthritis gives you hope that your life is not over when you get an arthritis diagnosis and a way to engage to help cure OA.

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